Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada



[2023-09-14] While Yellowknife remains under an Evacuation Alert and a number of communities in the South Slave are just starting to be "repatriated", the Society is returning its website back to normal operations.  Local amateur radio operators no longer are requested to maintain a radio watch on the VE8YK and VE8RAE repeater network.  Many thanks to those who maintained HF contact with the south during the Evacuation Order.  The Society will be re-examining its emergency planning along with that of the the GNWT's NWT Emergency Plan and the City of Yellowknife Emergency Plan.  Comments may be email to the Society via the reflector - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  

YARS Repeater Frequencies.

The Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society runs two VHF 2 m repeaters in the Northwest Territories: 

  • VE8YK/R (146.940 MHz with -600 kHz offset with a 100 Hz sub-audible tone) based in Yellowknife (IRLP was verified as functional as of 2023-08-02 by VE8IR and M0XWS and VE8RT); and
  • VE8RAE/R (145.150 MHz with -600 kHz offset) based in Behchokǫ̀ (formerly Rae).

There is also a Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society test repeater in operation on the 70 cm band:

  • VE8YK/R-2 (440.000 MHz with +5 MHz offset) based in Yellowknife.

YARS Simplex Frequency

The Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society also has traditionally used a simplex frequency to fall back on should any repeaters fail - 146.520 MHz .

Members of the Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society and all amateur radio operators in the area are asked to monitor the VE8YK and VE8RAE repeaters when they can for emergency traffic that needs to be relayed. 

Other Amateur Repeaters in Yellowknife

The Repeater Book reports three additional repeaters (VE8PR, VE8EMG and VE8ECC).  These repeaters are not maintained by the Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society but are private repeaters maintained by VE8PR.  The Niven Lake repeater is reported as a "testing".  The others are reported as "On-Air".  The Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society knows very little about these repeaters, including their status.  They are listed for reasons of safety, 



Tone Up / Down






-0.6 MHz

192.8 / 192.8

Yellowknife, Niven Lake



FM AllStar


+5 MHz

250.3 / 250.3

Yellowknife, Hospital





+5 MHz

123.0 / 123.0

Yellowknife, Hospital



FM AllStar EchoLink


National HF Emergency Communications Frequencies for the Amateur Radio Service

  Single Sideband CW Digital
Band Frequency Tactical Frequency Tactical Frequency Tactical
80 m 3.675 MHz LSB Alfa 3.535 MHz Golf 3.596 MHz Mike
40 m 7.135 MHz LSB Bravo 7.035 MHz Hotel 7.096 MHz November
20 m 14.135 MHz USB Charlie 14.035 MHz India 14.096 MHz Oscar
17 m 18.135 MHz USB Delta 18.075 MHz Juliet 18.096 MHz Papa
15 m 21.235 MHz USB Echo 21.035 MHz Kilo 21.096 MHz Quebec
10 m 28.235 MHz USB Foxtrot 28.035 MHz Lima 28.096 MHz Romeo 

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