Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada




The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) has an online QSL Card generator for the Coronation.  The Link is here: .  The only problem is the IOTA registration number - it is for the Island of Great Britain only.  For example the Outer Hebridies are EU-010 - so they are excluded as is Jersey (EU-013) etc.  We recommend one edit the IOTA reference or just delete it altogether.


For immediate release:

Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC), the national association for Amateur Radio in Canada, is pleased to present two upcoming “Beyond CanWarn” Weather Spotter Workshops for Amateurs and non-Amateurs. In addition, a special Q&A Live Event will also be held to close off this year’s training session. Please visit the CanWarn webpage to register now:

Weather Spotter Workshops: May 18 and June 14