Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada




The Warning Order for the Field Day 2023 is at: Documents/Warning Order 01-2023.pdf  .  Field Day 2023 preparations are underway.  Part of this contest/exercise is in the nature of training.  The paperwork side is an important aspect in our emergency preparedness.  The full Operations Order will be forthcoming shortly.

The Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society had its AGM on 2023-06-18.  In attendance were VE8WD, VE8JJ, VE8BOB and VE8IR.  Newly elected directors are as follows:

  • VE8WD - President
  • VE8JJ - Vice-President
  • VE8IR - Secretary-Treasurer
  • VE8MT - Technical Director