Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada



The Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society has a page on Facebook at: .

This page has not been used very much and was a temporary measure for easy uploading of photographs and news.  That need has vanished with the redevelopment of the YARS Website.  A photo gallery has been installed and is operational as are a calendar system and the newsletter home page.  

There are increasing concerns over the privacy of users of Facebook.1  Facebook has repeatedly been fined including $5B by the American Federal Trade Commission.There have also been concerns about its role in the vote on Brexit, elections world-wide and the 6 January 2021 insurrection in Washington, DC.3  

Given the lack of use of Facebook by the Society, the development of other methods integrated with its website and the privacy and societal concerns about the use of Facebook, the Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society is gradually phasing out the use of Facebook.  The primary public interface of YARS will be through its website and domain name.  The Facebook social media site will be deactivated effective 31 December 2021. Members may still use it until then.  If there is an upsurge of activity we might revisit this decision.

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