Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada



VE8WD and VE8MT Operating the Field Day 2021 Station.  Thanks to VE8MN, VE8KC and VE8IR for also participating (VE8MN Photo)
New HF YAGI on Mast on Refurbished Trailer (VE8WD, VE8MT and VE8MN Joint Project)

Field Day 2021 was run from an industrial compound in Kam Lake this year.  Over the last year, VE8WD, VE8MT and VE8MN refurbished a trailer carrying mast (and trailer) and mounted an HF YAGI onto it.  For Field Day it was put into operation and the results were stunning.  The log sheet and supporting documentation are at: 

Approximately 414 contacts (or QSOs) were made using 100W or 10W for digital contacts.  The aim of this year's contest was not to maximize scoring but rather to test out the antenna and mast.  Modes included SSB, CW, PSK31 and FT8. 

The following weekend, we worked the Canada Day contest.  The results were just as impressive and included 312 contacts.  The logs follow: