Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada



The Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society had its Annual General Meeting on 1 August 2021.  A new Executive was elected. It is that time of year again when membership dues are payable.  

Some members have queried what they get for their membership.  Membership dues are the primary source of revenue for the Society.  Members are entitled to confirm this at any time by looking at the Society's Financial Statements and books.  Membership dues are used to pay for 

  • maintenance of the repeaters (VE8YK, VE8RAE and the experimental Yaesu Fusion repeater);
  • new equipment purchases (e.g. the Fusion repeaters, the 2 m Quad Yagi antennas, the YARS fibreglass mast);
  • components used to refurbish equipment (such as the VE8RAE repeater, the ICOM 706 at VE8PAT etc.);
  • materials to run courses or support prospective amateur operators (textbooks, supplies, etc.);
  • logistics support for contests and exercises (groceries, fuel, batteries (e.g. fox hunts));
  • subscription to internet service providers for the website;
  • affiliate status with Radio Amateurs of Canada;
  • social events (but not for any alcohol, tobacco or cannabis*);
  • etc. 

You may find the renewal form at: .  This form includes some personal information, which the Society will safeguard and not share outside of the Society without permission.


*For those in countries other than Canada (and a few others), the consumption of cannabis is legal in the Northwest Territories - see Cannabis Products Act, SNWT 2018,c.6.