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60m Band Frequencies Now Allocated to Amateur Use

On 22 January 2014 Canada followed the United States and various Scandanavian countries in officially allocating frequencies in the 60 m band to the amateur radio service on a secondary basis. 

The 60 m band (5250–5450 kHz) is well suited to the use of Near Vertical Incident Skywave (NVIS) propagation especially during the daylight hours.  In the United Kingdom it is being used for ermergency communications (RAYNET).  It holds great promise for reliable medium distance communications (with a 400-600 km radius).  In theory YARS should be capable of having reliable HF communications between Yellowknife, Hay River and possibly Norman Wells (although that may be on the extreme periphery). 

From Schedule 1 of Industry Canada RBR 4

  • Amateur service operators may transmit on the following five centre frequencies: 5332 kHz, 5348 kHz, 5358.5 kHz, 5373 kHz, and 5405 kHz. Amateur stations are allowed to operate with a maximum effective radiated power of 100 W PEP and are restricted to the following emission modes and designators: telephony (2K80J3E), data (2K80J2D), RTTY (60H0J2B) and CW (150HA1A)...Such use is not in accordance with international frequency allocations. Canadian amateur operations shall not cause interference to fixed and mobile operations in Canada or in other countries and, if such interference occurs, the amateur service may be required to cease operations. The amateur service in Canada may not claim protection from interference by the fixed and mobile operations of other countries.

For those who are interested there is something in Schedule 1 about amateur radio operations at 135.7 to 137.8 kHz (authorized since December 2009).  From Schedule 1 of Industry Canada RBR 4:

  • Stations in the amateur service using frequencies in the band 135.7-137.8 kHz shall not exceed a maximum radiated power of 1 W (e.i.r.p.) and shall not cause harmful interference to stations of the radionavigation service operating in countries listed in No. 5.67. (WRC-07)