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YARS at Community Showcase

Jan ShowcaseOn 7 January 2015 VE8RT, VE8WD, VE8BOB, VE8AEG and VE8IR set up the YARS booth at the Yellowknife Multiplex DND Gym to promote the Society and the amateur radio service at the Yellowknife Community Showcase. 

Though not as well attended as the September Showcase, the Society's presence was felt and some interest from some of the participants was expressed.  At least one new amateur radio operator was identified with the CASARA group and it is hoped that she will consider updating her callsign and join the Society. 

VE8RT showed his prepared slideshow and VE8WD hooked up an internet-based web SDR that was running at the table alternating between 20 m CW and SSB. 

Despite the low turnout, we think the Showcase was worthwhile.