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Field Day 2014

The Field Day 2014 Aftter Action Report is now available online.  This report sets out the scores for Field Day. 

PIC 0088This year was one of the highest scores we have ever achieved since 2007 due to the fact we operated QRP on full emergency battery power and therefore obtained multipliers.  70 QSOs were had.  There was a competition between CW and digital modes and CW won the day.  Field Day has been QRP (low power) since 2012.

VE8RT, VE8WD, VE8MT, VE8AEG and VE8IR participated.  Multiple experiments were carried out including the use of a high Q loop antenna, an NVIS attempt to reach Hay River on newly allocated 60 m frequencies, detection of a radiosonde balloon launched from Fort Smith, comparison of the Spider Beam v. R7 vertical antennas and an attempted satellite QSO (it is now known that the satellite we were trying to communicate with, VO-52, has failed). 

 The report makes interesting reading.