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Inner Whalebacks Weather Repeater

Inner Whalebacks Winter 2014 Page 1At Latitude 61.9206°N, Longitude 113.7297°W is located a group of islands in Great Slave Lake called the Inner Whaleback Rocks.  These islands are about 75 km from Yellowknife and located from the City of Yellowknife.  The islands are located at the "Y" where the North Arm goes in one direction and the East Arm in the other. 

Located on these islands are a number of radio installations serving Environment Canada, the Canadian Coast Guard and the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT).  YARS, in collaboration with Environment Canada and the GNWT Department of Municipal and Community Affairs, maintains a weather station repeater that takes marine weather and beams it up the East Arm in the direction Lutsle'ke.

On 12 April 2014, VE8WD, VE8DM and others journeyed out to the site on snow mobiles to carry out an inspection of the site.  A further maintenance trip will be necessary, probably during the summer when boat travel is viable, to carry out repairs.  Some communications tests were carried out and it is apparently possible to activate the Yellowknife repeater VE8YK/R with a handheld from the islands.   

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