RAE Repeater VE8RAE/RThe Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society runs two repeaters in the Northwest Territories: 

  • VE8YK/R (146.940 MHz with -600 kHz offset); and
  • VE8RAE/R (145.150 MHz with -600 kHz offset).

Each repeater enables amateur radio duplex communications (or more properly half duplex communications or HDX).  This enables an amateur with a low power handheld (which is cheap) to communicate via the repeater with stations that are out of range of the handheld radio but not the repeater.

Each repeater is located in these communities and has a power output of about 50 Watts.  The repaters have emergency power. 

The repeaters are linked at times and provide coverage from about Tibbet Lake to half way to Fort Providence and out to the Inner Whaleback Island group in Great Slave Lake.  All licensed amateur radio operators are permitted to use these repeaters, including ones visiting.  The repeaters are open for use.

VE8SS provided some detailed technical information about these repeaters:

YARS also has an IRLP link to the VE8YK/R repeater.