YARS in the Community

YARS is an active member of the global amateur radio community, including an affiliated club with Radio Amateurs of Canada.  The realities of physics render YARS and its members as having a presence throughout the North, Canada and the World. 

YARS works closely with many organizations that are national in scope as well as territorial, including

YARS membership fluctuates due to the transient nature of Yellowknife.  This does not concern us because while we may invest time an effort in training new members, they will add new members to the amateur radio service nationally - which is desirable.  Most of our members are in Yellowknife. 

There are however members in Inuvik, Norman Wells, Fort Smith, Hay River, Whitehorse (Yukon) and even Northern Alberta. VE8EV in Inuvik appears to have a strong web presence through his VE8EV Blog site.  Some past members continue their membership from Ontario and Nova Scotia.

While YARS may carry out its activities mostly in and around Yellowknife, its influence is throughout the Northwest Territories, Canada and the world.  YARS works with other amateur radio operators in the Communities of the Northwest Territories, outside of Yellowknife.  YARS scope of activity is primarily territorial, but it is not restricted to the Northwest Territories.