2015 Ski Loppet

On Sunday, 4 March 2015, the Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society provided emergency radiocommunications for the Yellowknife Ski Club in support of the 2015 Northwestel Ski Loppet.  VE8WD, VE8KC, VE8CB, VE8AEG, VE8BOB, VE8BC, VE8DM and VE8IR all participated in the manning of checkpoints at the start and finish, Walsh Lake, Banting Lake and Jackson Lake.  VE8MT participated in the actual Loppet.

The Northwestel Ski Loppet is YARS`primary winter exercise.  Unlike Frostbite 50, winter had one last blast and we woke up to a chilly -31 degrees on that morning.  It was very sunny.  Radiocommunications went very well and we had full coverage of all radiocommunications from all checkpoints.  VE8IR reports using low power (500 mW) for the entire exercise from Jackson Lake - using a 5 element 2 m Yagi.  Overkill but very reliable communications from a location that traditionally is marginal.