Community Event Coverage

DSCF0206YARS provides radio coverage of some community events from time to time.  The events must be non-commercial.  Typically YARS uses these events to test out its ability to establish a wide area radio net in a field environment under different climatic conditions.

The annual NorthwesTel Ski Loppet is our primary winter exercise.  It complements our primary annual exercise, which is Field Day in June.  The organizers of the Ski Loppet, the Yellowknife Ski Club, benefit from our work as they have emergency radio coverage that may be relied upon to coordinate a response to an emergency (such as a skier being injured).

This type of service is quite common amongst amateur radio societies.  YARS provided radio coverage for the Frostbite 45 challenge run by the Yellowknife Multisport Club.  Other clubs in Canada do coverage of marathons, fireworks displays etc. 

The image above shows VE8BC operating during the Frostbite 45 challenge run in 2012.