Planning and Training

Part of the Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society's operations is in preparation for civil defence emergencies.  Indeed that is one of our objects in the Articles of Incorporation of our Society. 

While the Society we are affiliated with Radio Amateurs of Canada, we are still developing our Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) capabilities and organization.  This is done in conjunction with the Government of the Northwest Territories, Department of Municipal and Community Affairs and also with other amateur radio operators throughout the Northwest Territories. The Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society is a stakeholder mentioned in the NWT Emergency Plan and the Society takes its role seriously.

Much of the training we do is oriented towards getting amateur radio operators licensed and on the air.  Such things as radio sports (Fox hunts and contests etc.) are useful in promoting the Society but they all have behind them operational aspects related to ARES. 

There is a saying that "when all else fails, there is amateur radio".  When the infrastructure of our society fails, there is amateur radio.  Typically we have our own power supplies, antennas and equipment.  As a community we are available in the aftermaths of hurricanes, earthquakes, terrorist incidents, forest fires etc.  We have often been called upon and will be called upon again. 

While planning is a worthwhile effort, we try to not be constrained by any single plan.  We remain adaptable to situations as they arise.