2014 Field Day

From 28-29 July 2014 YARS participated in the ARRL/RAC Field Day contest.  Cloaked as a contest, this event was really an emergency preparedness exercise of all amateur radio operators across North America - although operators outside of North America also participated.  We operated as a 2A NT station under VE8YK.  Operators included VE8RT, VE8WD, V8MT, VE8IR and VE8AEG. 

There were three NT stations operating this year - VE8RAC in Inuvik and VE8AU in Hay River - in addition to us.  VE8YK operated QRP - low power at 5 Watts on battery and solar power rechargers.  Because of the low power operation, significant multipliers were achieved and our score reflects that. 

Attempts were made to make a satellite QSO but without success.  A high Q loop antenna was tested and a few PSK31 contacts were made.  A educational display of JT65, the High Q Loop and of a FunCube SDR were also carried out.  Primary modes were CW and digital although 4 SSB voice contacts were made - including one to Brazil. 

For emergency preparedness, it must be remembered that YARS was able to set up and run a QRP station and make contacts across North America and the world completely independent of the internet and existing communications infrastructure.  For territorial emergency communications this is very important and proves a robust communications system that can be relied upon when all else fails.