Frostbite 45

The Frostbite 45 challenge was held on 16 March 2013.  A map of the course is available.  Generally about 90 or so persons participated in a 45 km race in -30 degree temperatures from the Ski Club, through Walsh Lake, on to Prosperous Lake and Cassidy Point, then to Detah, across Yellowknife Bay and back to the Ski Club.  The challenge was organized and run by the Yellowknife Multisport Club.

YARS provided emergency VHF radio coverage on 2 metres and to some degree on a commercial radio system set up by the organizers.  Bib numbers of participants were called in to the Ski Club and message traffic was passed to the checkpoints in the field.  This was a chance for YARS members to fine-tune their equipment for field use in cold weather. 

Preparations began long before 16 March.  VE8WD, VE8BOB, VE8BC and VE8IR all helped to install the VE8RT 2 m YAGI at the Ski Club.  This antenna showed a high VSWR and its connectors were disassembled and cleaned.  VE8WD and VE8BOB helped VE8IR to finish assembling a 5-Element YAGI for 2 m which VE8IR used at the Walsh Lake checkpoint - establishing full quieting to the base 15 km away on 1.5 W.  VE8BOB used an omnidirectional vertical antenna with very good results from Detah.  VE8BC also used a YAGI from Prosperous Lake with excellent results.  VE8WD used a vertical from Cassidy Point with good results.  Sections of the fibreglass masts came in handy, although VE8BOB used his own mast set-up.

Overall this exercise was very productive and it has provided YARS with a test of its equipment in the lead up to the annual Yellowknife Ski Club Ski Loppet scheduled for 7 April 2013.

Thank you to VE8BC, VE8KC and VE8IR for the photos in the collection.