2012 Field Day

Field Day is YARS' major annual exercise.  Ostensibly dressed up as a contest, the aim of this North American event is for amateur radio operators to set up and operate a field station for 24 hours and to make as many contacts with other amateur radio operators as possible.

Over 35,000 amateur radio operators participate across North America and outside of it.  YARS routinely makes contacts throughout North America and sometimes in Europe, Russia, Africa, South America and Hawaii. 

The event is always held on the last weekend of June.

Field Day 2012 was unusual.  We ran two stations at low power (5W) on solar charged batteries.  This resulted in our highest score in at least five years.  Primary modes were Morse Code (CW) and digital (PSK31 and RTTY).  MFSK16 was also used successfully.  This particular Field Day demonstrated the importance of CW - a mode that we all thought was archaic - but a mode that gets through and uses very little power.  A number of us are now building our own CW transceivers.

Members of the Canadian Forces dropped by and could not believe what we were doing with such little power.