Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society

Cannellphoto2011 624 YARS Loppet
Photo (by VE8KC) - YARS Communications Coverage Team for Ski Loppet 2010


Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society (YARS) is a society incorporated and registered with the Government of the Northwest Territories Registrar of Societies in accordance with the Societies Act, R,S.N.W.T. 1988, c.S-11. YARS complies with the Act and two regulations made under that Act:  the Societies Fees Regulations, R.R.N.W.T. 1990, c.21(Supp.), as amended from time to time and the Societies Forms Regulations, R-059-91, as amended from time to time.  YARS is a not for profit organization.


Established on 19 April 1985 by Daniel Piche (VE8DP), Rolf Ziemann (VE8RZ), Paul Hokkinen (VE8PB) and Joe Hamacher (VE8JH), YARS continues.  As stated in the Articles of Incorporation, the objects of YARS are

  1. to foster, encourage and assist on projects, which in the opinion of the members will promote Amateur Radio;
  2. to further the enjoyment and understanding of amateur radio; and
  3. to provide assistance and support to Civil Authorities in times of emergency.