Yellowknife IRLP Node

IRLP Node 1642 Status

After a fair bit of work by VE8RT and the amateur radio community in Canada and the United States, the Yellowknife IRLP node is once again active.

For those who are not familiar with the IRLP (Internet Radio Linking Project), it is essentially a system whereby one can interface a radio with the internet and then the internet with a radio on the other end. Thus it is possible to "dial up" other repeaters globally and speak on them using simply a handheld VHF radio. The underlying concept is what is now know as the VoIP (Voice over the Internet Protocol).

IRLP has a detailed website at www.irlp.net . There are guidelines on that site that explain the project and how to use the node. The VE8YK node is numbered 1642.

We would like to set up IRLP in other locations in the Northwest Territories - such as Hay River, Inuvik, Norman Wells etc. This is a very early project but if you are interested, please use the contact us page to express your interest.

IRLP is dependent on a functioning internet connection.  It is of little use when the internet is not functioning.  Even so, for communications, it can extend the range of a simple VHF repeater and transform it into a global communications system.

Thanks to VE8RT and everyone.