Repeaters in Service

There is a new repeater in service in Yellowknife.  It is a UHF repeater with receive at 444.000 MHz and transmit at 449.000 MHz.  It is being operated by the Yellowknife Amateur Radio Society.  Everyone is asked to use it.  It is one of the YAESU Fusion Repeaters and it is undergoing tests but it is in analog mode at the moment...stay tuned to AMS mode...   

Also, effective immediately, the VE8RAE repeater is now fully operational thanks to VE8MT, VE8WD, VE8CB and VE8IR.  You may hear it at 145.150 MHz with a -600 kHz offset and with 100 Hz PL tone.  We now have continuous VHF coverage from Tibbet Lake to 40 km outside of Rae (so the higway between Yellowknife and Rae has continuous coverage in addition to most of the Ingram Trail).  


A reminder that the VE8YK repeater is also in service in Yellowknife -146.940 MHz with a -600 kHz offset and with 100 Hz PL tone. This repeater is linked to VE8RAE and it is also linked to the IRLP node 1642. This repeater is the main repeater in town and usually there are stations monitoring it.