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Planning and Training 10 May 2013


  • Training

    Training Portal:  http://ykars.com/claro

    • Basic Amateur Radio Qualification Course
    • Morse Code (CW)

      Morse code, sometimes referred to as CW (for continuous wave) is a mode of operation where there is a constant amplitude and frequency transmitted by switching a carrier wave on and off. 

      This is a very old form of telecommunication and it has its roots in telegraph in the 19th Century, flashing with lights (aldus lamps) and in heliographs (sun mirrors) used thousands of years ago.  With radiocommunications CW is also known as radiotelegraphy.

      While CW has largely been displaced recently by digital modes of transmission, which are quicker and more accurate, the equipment and power sources required for CW operation are minimal.  Furthermore in our operations in the North we find that CW modes are extremely reliable because the human ear can distinguish CW tones well into the noise floor.  CW transceivers are quite portable and can easily be carried on foot.  The are extremely conducive to low power operation (QRP).

      For those who have the Basic Qualification without an honours pass, obtaining a 5 WPM qualification in CW opens up the HF bands to them. 

      YARS is interested in training its members to become proficient in CW.  To this end this page provides some links to accomplish this goal.

      • Ray Goff has a site at G4FON .  On his site is the Koch CW Trainer and some information about QRP operations.  His training software also simulates contest pile ups.
      • W1AW has MP3 practice files posted at http://www.arrl.org/code-practice-files . 
      • W1AW also has a daily schedule of CW training sessions transmitted over the amateur radio frequencies.  A schedule may be found at:  http://www.arrl.org/w1aw-operating-schedule .  There is also an explanation of how to listen in using Echolink. 
  • Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Operations